Cembrane has received its first order for drinking water treatment in Sweden

Cembrane is proud to announce receiving an order for its New Generation Ceramic membranes to treat 5.184 m3/day of ground water in Southern part of Sweden. The objective of the treatment process is to remove Manganese, Iron and Turbidity from ground water as well as acting as a micro-biological barrier before distributing the filtrate to the Swedish residences and local industry. Cembrane was chosen to supply its ceramic membrane modules, including the complete process and tank design concept in order to install the membranes and to build the plant by the contractor.

The Cembrane technology was selected over the conventional Sandfilters for three reasons:

  1. – The low footprint
  2. – A constant manganese removal below <0,02 ppm at all times
  3. – The need for a micro-biological barrier


Read more about the installation here

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