The cost of ceramic membranes for MBRs

Interesting article by Prof. Simon Judd, discussing the economic feasibility of ceramic membranes in MBR. One thing is certain, the market acceptance of ceramic membranes is increasing for MBR’s in a wider range of applications. American Membrane Technology Associations (AMTA) will hold a conference in Atlanta US in April, where this topic will be discussed in further details, and Cembrane will be on the program as well.

Successful commissioning of Cembrane’s SiC ceramic membranes at a food processing plant in Dubai.

This week our Silicon Carbide (SiC) ceramic membranes have been succesfully commissioned at a wastewater treatment plant at a food processing site. This is the second installation in UAE in this application, and one more is already booked for this year. The objective of the plant is to treat a wastewater stream up to 200 m3/day for reuse purposes. The treatment process consists of oil separator, MBBR, settling and SiC membranes. Then followed by Activated…