Cembrane receives large order for Pre-RO desalination for drinking water in Middle East

Cembrane is proud to announce receiving a large order for pre-RO treatment at a drinking water plant by the Caspian Sea, which will be the biggest ceramic membrane installation in the region.

Cembrane has been selected to refurbish a drinking water plant in Golestan Province, near the Caspian Sea, providing clean drinking water for more than 50.000 people. The existing plant is a private BOO project, with a capacity of 15.000 m3/day Reverse Osmosis (RO) feed. The brackish raw water is coming from several wells near the sea that needs to undergo desalination with RO. The installed Multimedia filters were unable to achieve sufficient quality of water to maintain stable RO performance.
Cembrane was selected to pilot its technology on-site, with the aim to remove TSS, Iron, Bacteria, color and also H2S as pre-treatment to RO with the a goal of reaching SDI below 1 as well as 90% H2S removal.

After several weeks of piloting, the customer was convinced of the performance of Cembrane’s submerged SiC technology, which resulted in the order.

This is a fast-track project with expected commission in July/August 2017.

This not only marks the first biggest order for Cembrane in the region but also being the largest ceramic membrane installation in drinking water.

Feed filtrate SiC memrbane

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