Cembrane has secured a large MBR order for 1.500 m3/day in Taiwan

Cembrane has secured an order for its unique SiC ceramic membranes to reuse 1.500 m3/day kitchen wastewater in an MBR treatment plant at an airport in Taiwan. With this order, Cembrane continues to make inroads into the large MBR treatment market dominated by polymeric MF/UF membranes.

Due to expansionary plans within the airport, Cembrane was able to offer a facility9smaller footprint and higher performance, meeting the overall design constraints for the plant. In fact, Cembrane has proven during piloting, coupled with previous experience, to be able to perform with 5x the filtrate flow rate compared to conventional polymeric membranes. Additionally, demonstrate a high resistance to oil and grease, which is present in kitchen wastewater. Plant commissioning is scheduled to be end of 2017.


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