Steel based module
SICFM-6040-DO-T-520-a01-v02 Exploded one plate

SiC ceramic Flat sheet membrane
Ceramic is not just ceramics!

Our core competence is the ceramic membrane that provides some unique benefits compared to organic membranes and other conventional ceramic membranes. Our membrane is applied on the outside of the substrate structure enabling an outside-in filtration principle. Main features of the membrane material include:

  • • High chemical durability
  • • Hydrophilic material providing an unmatched flux rate
  • • Repels negatively charged particles including oil
  • • Hardest membrane material available

SiC ceramic single module
Modular design providing full flexibility in capacity

Our flat sheet membranes are individually mounted in a module. Each module is encapsulated in a SS316L frame providing a rigid structure ensuring the modules can be easily stacked on top of each other to form a tower depending on your capacity needs.

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SiC ceramic module stacks

Our submersible modules can be stacked on top of each other up to 12 modules or more. The modules are easy to mount and install – each module or the entire tower can be lifted and inserted in the membrane tank.

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Test module
Test module for fast and economic validation

If you wonder how many membranes are needed for your specific application, or how to clean and maintain a stable performance? The test module can be ordered separately or with matching steel frame and air-scouring system immediately ready to be taken into operation. The modules are also stackable similar to the commercial size modules.

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