Flat sheet membrane & module (PPO module)
Module Cembrane exploded plate

SiC ceramic Flat sheet membrane
Ceramic is not just ceramics!

Our core competence is the ceramic membrane that provides some unique benefits compared to organic membranes and other conventional ceramic membranes. Our membrane is applied on the outside of the substrate structure enabling an outside-in filtration principle. Unique features of the membrane membrane include:

  • • High chemical durability
  • • Hydrophilic material providing an unmatched flux rate – 5.000 LMH/bar
  • • Repels negatively charged particles including oil (ISO Electric point at pH 2.7)
  • • Hardest membrane material available, providing unmatched durability – 9 on Vickers scale

SiC ceramic module & rack
Modular design providing full flexibility in capacity

Our flat sheet membranes are individually mounted in a module. Each module is encapsulated in a PPO/PS Glass filled module providing a rigid structure ensuring the modules can be easily stacked on top of each other to form a tower depending on your capacity needs. The modules have no steel parts and is therefore ideal for saline and corrosive waters. Unique module features:

  • • Stackable module concept
  • • Integrated filtrate line, no external piping required
  • • Exchangeable membranes
  • • Injection molded in plastic with no steel parts
  • • Integrated double sprinkler line for enhanced cake layer removal and chemical spray

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