Sample references
Produced Water SiC Flat sheet Cembrane Lime Softening Pre-RO

Application:  Produced water treatment for reuse

Client:  OEM

Location:  USA

Volume:  3.500 m3/day

Description:  Removal of suspended solids in a concentration   of 3-5% after lime softening at pH 10-11 prior to   Reverse Osmosis.

Edible WWTP MBR SiC Cembrane

Application:  MBR

Client:  Private

Location:  UAE

Volume:  270 m3/day

Description:  Replcement of polymeric flat sheet membranes at food processing plant as pretreatment to RO for reuse in cooling towers. MLSS: 8.000 ppm, Inlet COD/BOD 8.000/6.000 ppm. Net daily flux rate: 80 LMH.

Cembrane_Metal removal_Hydrogen Peroxide_HF_SiC_Pre-RO_China

Application:  Semiconductor Waste Water reclaim

Client:  OEM

Location:  China

Volume:  1.100 m3/day

Description:  Metal removal in presence of H2O2 as pre-  treatment to Reverse Osmosis

Oil refinery waste water SiC Flat sheet membrane Cembrane

Application:  Tertiary treatment at Oil refinery

Client:  OEM

Location:  Germany

Volume:  50 m3/day

Description:  Downstream of the Sand filter, a low-pressure   dissolved air flotation unit followed by Silicon   Carbide UF flat sheet membranes. Downstream   of this an Active carbon unit and then Reverse   Osmosis plant.


Application:  Textile Wastewater

Client:  System Integrator

Location:  US

Volume:  100-200 m3/day

Description:  Direct filtration of textile wastewater without additional pre-treatment, prior to Reverse Osmosis.

Drinking water

Application: Drinking water, BWRO

Client:  Private

Location:  Middle East

Volume:  14.400 m3/day

Description:  Replacement of existing lamella settlers by integration of SiC ceramic filtration into the existing civil work structure – Improvement of the RO pre-treatment process chain for enhanced removal of H2S, Fe, fine silt and TOC using FeCl3 followed by SiC ceramic filtration. The existing RO pre-treatment using FeCl3 dosing, lamella settler, sand filter and activated carbon was insufficient to achieve a safe RO operation.

Sweden Ground water treatment

Application:  Drinking water from Ground Water

Client:  Municipal

Location:  Sweden

Volume:  5.180 m3/day

Description:  Removal of Iron and Manganese from ground water with chemical precipitation prior to the membranes to fit in 14 m2 room

Iran Container SiC Cembrane

Application:  Drinking water from Surface Water

Client:  Private

Location:  Iran, Tehran

Volume:  1.200 m3/day

Description:  Containerized plant for surface water treatment.

Sludge thickening MBR Activated Sludge SiC Flat sheet membrane Cembrane

Application:  Sludge De-watering

Client:  OEM

Location:  USA

Volume:  30 m3/day

Description:  Thickening of waste activated sludge from 15.000 mg/l up to 45.000 mg/l.


Application:  Bilge Water treatment inside Cruise ship

Client:  OEM

Location:  Italy

Volume:  5 m3/hour

Description:  Treatment of bilge water containing oil, suspended solids, sea water, micro-organisms   and other accumulated waste on the bottom of ship

SiC FLat Sheet_Cembrane_MBBR tertiary treatment pre-ro

Application:  Tertiary treatment

Client:  OEM

Location:  UAE

Volume:  160 m3/day

Description:  Removal of Suspended solids and micro-  organisms at food processing plant prior to Reverse Osmosis.

Surface water for drinking water in South Africa w. SiC Flat sheet membranes

Application:  Surface Water for drinking water

Client:  OEM

Location:  South Africa

Volume:  270 m3/day

Description:  Removal of suspended solids and micro-organisms from dam water, prior to UV.

Argentina pre-ro sic membrane

Application:  Ground water treatment Pre-treatment to Reverse Osmosis

Client:  System Integrator

Location:  Argentina

Volume:  1.500 m3/day

Description:  Ground water treatment prior to RO and EDI at ultra pure water plant feeding a powerplant

SiC Cembrane MBR Winery

Application: MBR, Winery wastewater

Client:  System Integrator

Location:  California, Napa Valley

Volume:  3 GPM

Description:  The wastewater is particularly difficult to treat, due to large variations in the pH from alkaline to acidic in the biology. The membranes is an integrated for of the Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) wastewater treatment process that enables teh vineyard to recycle the water.

Greenland Ceramic membranes

Application:  Sea water treatment from Harbor for a fish processing plant

Client:  System Integrator

Location:  Greenland

Volume:  10 m3/hour

Description:  Desinfection of harbor water with SiC flat sheet + UV to be used for cleaning of fish


Application: Sewage MBR

Client:  System Integrator

Location:  Czech republic Europe

Volume:  30-40 m3/day

Description:  Treatment of sewage water in an MBR configuration. Wastewater is coming from local commercial area.

Drinking water Switzerland_Surface water

Application:  Drinking water

Client:  OEM

Location:  Switzerland

Volume:  10-20 m3/hour

Description:  Treatment of melt water from Swiss mountains with SiC + UV